Digital Chieftan

Grow your millennials to build an extraordinary business and future.

Digital Chieftain will enable participants to become an effective leader in networks and tribes. It will introduce and explore the tools and skills that are necessary to lead, communicate, collaborate and coach in the business eco-system. This is a highly interactive and experiential program, with a work based assignment to support implementation.

The world is changing faster than ever before. In fact, change is the only constant. The old models of business and leadership are become less effective with each passing day.

This program takes leaders on a journey to discover and grow their millennials for building the future.

Leaders need to uncover all their best leadership skills, build their Emotional Intelligence, and connect with their Change Power. They need to learn how to intentionally rally the best internal resources in themselves and all those around them.

The digital age has led to a whole generation of people that see the world in a completely different way from those that have come before them. They dream of a better world they can co-create. It has also led to information overload, a paralysis in decision-making, a fear of missing out, and a culture of endless comparison. Leaders who want to be true leaders of the future, need to learn how to navigate these unique psychological aspects in order to galvanize themselves and everyone around toward success.

Key Learning Themes

  • Tap in to Strengths-based Leadership
  • Lead with Mindfulness
  • Lead with Personal Resilience and Autonomy
  • Lead with Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence
  • Coach for Performance
  • Create and Lead Winning Teams
  • Growing and Lading with Purpose
  • Moving from Ego to Eco-leadership
  • Communicate high level messages to teams and networks with clarity
  • Use verbal and non-verbal communication more effectively
  • Identify, manage and resolve a challenging situation with confidence
  • Build stronger, trust-based relationships
  • Collaborate under pressure and enhance team working
  • Become more influential without authority
  • Use coaching as a communication skill and performance dialogue

Teaching format

This workshop includes a mix of lecture, discussion, and coaching scenarios for practice, learning exercises and coaching demonstrations by the lead coach. Participants will leave with a toolbox of techniques to immediately begin applying the skills and making positive changes within their organizations.

Program duration

Digital and Virtual learning with 3 days Face to Face training

Number of participants

Maximum number of participants is 12-20