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leading by design

Leading by Design

Leading by Design - How to be human in a digital world is an extended process of self-coaching and self-organised e-learning that provides the framework and roadmap for leaders at all levels to reflect and create their role as a partner and collaborator in the digital transformation of their business.

Using a combination of extreme honesty, true pragmatism, bottom-up design and on-the-job application, LBD offers an exciting, engaging and thought-provoking journey and alternative route to succeeding as a leader.

Being a leader in a digital world is about understanding the technology, its impact and its potential. But that’s just the context… not a promise of success. What leaders in a digital world must also have to succeed is courage, authenticity, agility, resilience and creative bottom-up thinking.

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whats new be focused under pressure

Be Focused Under Pressure

Focusing attention, maintaining resilience and managing time

In this fast paced digital and virtual program participants learn the tools to work, collaborate and lead under pressure to increase effectiveness and efficiency at the personal, team and organizational levels. It provides participants with techniques to support how they manage stress and to keep calm during a challenging period or crisis.


  • Participants that attend the program will have the following tools and skills;
  • New ideas and resources to increase their own focus and efficiency
  • New ideas and resources to lead and collaborate with their team creating more engagement, focus and productivity
  • Understand how to stretch the ability to cope with stress
  • Frameworks and resources for better prioritization, managing distractions, and making decisions in a fast-paced environment

Key Features:

  • Digital workouts
  • Virtual workshops
  • Hands-on tools and exercises
  • Action-oriented learning
  • Facilitated process by TNM Coaches

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whats new dare to lead

Dare to Lead™ Program

Brought to you by TNM Coaching and based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program designed to be facilitated organizational development professionals personally trained and certified by Brené Brown.

20 years and 400,000 pieces of data have illustrated that across industries and around the world, the number one trigger of shame for men and women in the workplace is the fear of irrelevance.

It may sound like: “Am I up to speed?” “Do I have what it takes?” “Am I ready for the future of work?” “Do I need to learn more about AI, VR, machine learning, Agile, the 4th Industrial Revolution?”

No matter how it sounds in your team or organization (or in your own head), we live and work in environments that make us feel uncertain, at risk, and potentially emotionally exposed – Dr. Brown’s definition of vulnerability.

Those are the environments in which we lead. How do we create spaces where people are resilient and it’s safe to be brave, take initiative, innovate? After all, Google Project Aristotle research has found that the #1 predictor of successful teams is psychological safety. This work is about creating those conditions.

The most significant finding from Brené’s latest research is that courage is a collection of four skill sets that are teachable, measurable, and observable. The Dare to Lead™ program focuses on developing these courage-building skills through workshops, trainings, and coaching to help individuals, teams, and organizations move from armored leadership to daring leadership.

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whats new digital chieftain

Digital Chieftain

Grow millennials to build an extraordinary business and future

Our extraordinary times demand a new kind of leader who can confidently engage and lead their distributed tribes. The Digital Chieftain is the type of leader the world needs now – a leader with a unique skill set that blends modern behavioral science with ancient tribal wisdom. Follow the path of the Digital Chieftain to cultivate a thriving, self-managing, and self-sustaining organization fit for the modern world. This is the fulfilled leader you know you can become, and this is what will take humanity forward.

  • Increase productivity and creativity by engaging your people at the highest level
  • Become an anti-fragile leader who thrives in uncertainty and change
  • Distribute power to make highly efficient and effective decentralized teams
  • Embrace holistic professional and personal growth through the 7 Levels of the modern leader

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New Podcasttnm unplugged



Human Leader, The Power of Connection

Have you ever considered what it means to be human? In a world increasing run by AI and other technologies are we at the risk of dehumanizing ourselves, losing sight of our uniqueness and in turn jeopardizing our human connection? Highlighting just a few of the ideas from his 8-part program, “Human Leader” Senior Coach and Trainer Damian Fearns talks with Zoran Todorovic about connection, reflection, and choice. Drawing from psychology, philosophy and science, his “Human Leader” program facilitates the understanding and development of our consciousness. Discussing the left/right brain split, for example he shares practical tips for recognizing when we are using our left brain when we should be using our right and vice versa and how the lack of awareness causes problems to arise, multiply and potentially destroy organizations and society. By exercising our free will, by developing our neural networks, and by increasing our awareness of this split, we can find a third way to hold those polarities in our minds to help us make better connections, better decisions and to become better leaders.

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