Programs & Events

TNM Life provides space for people to explore new skills and experiences, deepen existing passions and unlock undiscovered possibilities. Our life classes, master classes, and events are designed to provide you with practical solutions to real life challenges, as well as offer useful tools and applicable skills for creating and living an extraordinary and magical life. We want to empower and challenge people to make a very real difference in the world, and to shine their light as a beacon for other and invite them all to be brilliant!


TNM Masterclasses are dynamic learning experiences that offer you access to experts who, through trial and error and personal and professional experience, have mastered the subject they teach. Learn from those who have trod the long path to knowledge, their missteps and shortfalls, their epiphanies and successes; and finally, heed their wisdom. These programs are delivered in a way that will resonate with those who wish to deepen their competency in a particular area, they are focused, practical and learnings are easily transferable to every-day life.



Our Life classes offer an immersive learning experience to amplify the more personal and intimate aspects of your life. Our programs promote personal growth and include knowledge and insight around healthy living, diet, exercise, mental wellness, emotional intelligence, effective communication, work-life balance and much more. Our Life Skills classes will show you how to thrive in life and to create the world of your dreams! Our Life classes provide both practical knowledge and profound insight for some of life's most Important skills and competences.


Programs & Events


Our events, whether live streamed or in person, will leave you energized and engaged, poised to change yourself and our world. We will offer new perspectives, thoughtful inquiry, proposed reachable goals, the tools you need to attain them, and an empowering and inspiring personal plan for a magical life, and FUN! Follow us and subscribe to receive information about upcoming events.