Life Enriching Community

Our global learning community

Our goal for offering TNM Life Memberships is to develop a global learning community. 

Here you will find a space that is energizing, inspiring and safe for people to interact, learn and grow together!

We all know that starting a new project or personal development effort is hard. We find myriad excuses why not to begin today - to eat better, to practice meditation, or to work on a thorny relationship issue. Going it alone is daunting. But then you find someone who shares your same interest, or struggles with a similar problem, and together you take that leap!  You encourage and cajole, educate and inform each other - share thoughts, feelings, knowledge, experiences and you both begin to grow and experience the positive changes you hoped for. 

With your TNM Life Membership you not only gain access to fantastic programs - courses, webinars, events and more - you become part of a vibrant community of life-long learners, thinkers, dreamers and doers! 

Each of you contribute to the vitality and brilliance of TNM Life.

Our Membership Plans

Our Membership Plans provide exclusive access to all TNM Life has to offer and are designed to recognise and reward those who are committed to continuous growth, learning and development.

Our TNM Life Masterclasses, Live classes and Events plus the added bonus of access to a vital engaged online community are essential for developing new skills, deepening understanding of ourselves and the world around us; for resolving real life challenges, and for creating, sustaining, and sharing an extraordinary and magical life.

We believe every human being should have a coach! Our TNM Life Coaching service offers coaching on affordable prices to help you to make the most of your life - in all areas of your life.

Our membership packages allow you to explore, and return to, every topic offered by TNM Life and to engage with like-minded learners, coaches, experts and others in our online community.

Typically, members recoup the cost of membership after just two events and one life coaching session!

Membership includes:

  • Special discounts for our life coaching, masterclasses, workshops, events, and webinars
  • VIP ticketing for our Special Events
  • Exclusive offers on books and related products
  • Access to our unique online community space hosted by Discord

Evolve, Grow and Expand your consciousness with our membership plans!

When you join in you will:

  • Benefit from continuous growth, learning and development
  • Discover transformational wisdom that was not thought in traditional education
  • Learn with the world’s best coaches teachers and community